Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sophia and Letters

Sophia is eating some alphabet cookies and asking me what letter is on each cookie. I told her that's a "U". She says "me?" "No baby that's a letter U". "letter me? Mommy?" "No Sophia the letter is a U. " OH Mommy a ME! "

Haha I give up!

Some pictures for fun😜

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Santiago turns 7

Santiago woke up on his birthday to his room decorated in ribbons and his doorway tied off with streamers!

His daddy woke up early and made him his favorite breakfast before school - potato and egg tacos! Liliana and mommy brought him his favorite lunch of Chickfila with a colossal cupcake, a birthday hat and a balloon at school.

And for dinner we went out to Mi Rancho for one of his favorite dinners - cheese enchiladas.

They put a sombrero on his head, whip cream and a cherry on his nose and sang to him at the restaurant. He said it was the "best thing ever!"

Two days later we had a his birthday party at the skating rink with his friends from his soccer team and school. It was a blast! We did a Minecraft theme - he's very interested in minecraft everything lately!

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Liliana Nicole - 4 Months

Liliana is the happiest and sweetest baby at four months old. She's grown a lot and changed a lot this last month. She is so much fun and it's so neat to see her with her brothers and sister. Best friends in the making for sure.

Here's what she's up to lately:
-Weighs 17 lbs 1.5 oz (98%) 25.25" tall (90%) and head circumference is 16.5" (75-90%)

-She coos and smiles all the time especially when you make eye contact.
-grabs at toys
-pushes up when on her tummy

-holds head really steady and supports her body well while holding her.
-eats 4 oz every 3 hours
-wakes up twice a night for a bottle
-sleeps in her crib in Sophia's room mostly

Genuinely happy baby! We are blessed

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Liliana Nicole - Two and Three Months

Two Month Milestones:
-great well check after our struggles with lip and tongue ties
-12 lbs
-Really smiling and recognizing faces and voices
-reaching and grabbing at toys
-putting hands in mouth.
-takes a bottle every 2.5-3 hours
-Fully weaned to HIPP formula and doing great and gaining weight

Three Month Milestones:
-sleeps through the night occasionally and if she doesn't she only wakes up once to eat and goes right back to sleep
-tummy sleeper
-first cold and snotty nose messed up sleeping a bit
-Wears 6 month size clothes - some 3-6 still fit and the 6-9 are a little big but the ones that just say 6 month are perfect.
-Likes tummy time and can lift her upper body up pretty well
-reaches and plays with toys on the play mat and car seat

- Life with four kids is finally getting easier. I'm getting more rest because Liliana is sleeping longer stretches and is generally a very happy baby. She only really cries now when she is hungry or tired.

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