Friday, December 11, 2015

Liliana Nicole - Two and Three Months

Two Month Milestones:
-great well check after our struggles with lip and tongue ties
-12 lbs
-Really smiling and recognizing faces and voices
-reaching and grabbing at toys
-putting hands in mouth.
-takes a bottle every 2.5-3 hours
-Fully weaned to HIPP formula and doing great and gaining weight

Three Month Milestones:
-sleeps through the night occasionally and if she doesn't she only wakes up once to eat and goes right back to sleep
-tummy sleeper
-first cold and snotty nose messed up sleeping a bit
-Wears 6 month size clothes - some 3-6 still fit and the 6-9 are a little big but the ones that just say 6 month are perfect.
-Likes tummy time and can lift her upper body up pretty well
-reaches and plays with toys on the play mat and car seat

- Life with four kids is finally getting easier. I'm getting more rest because Liliana is sleeping longer stretches and is generally a very happy baby. She only really cries now when she is hungry or tired.

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