Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3 Year Wedding Anniversary

Today is Hector and my three year wedding anniversary. It feels like we have been married much longer than that especially now that we have a little boy. We are quite the perfect family!! Hector did two really sweet things for me today - he made me my favorite dessert- yellow cake with chocolate frosting and gave me some beautiful roses. We went to eat at Olive Garden for dinner and had a great evening. Santiago was very well behaved at the restaurant. Here is a self portrait of our happy family!

Earlier today Santiago and I had our first "play date" and lunch. I hope we have many more to come in the future! My friend Angela from work had her little prince, Christian, two weeks before I had Santiago. So Santiago is 5 weeks old and Christian is 7 weeks. We are hoping they become great friends in the future. Here is a picture of our two little men all ready to go watch their mommas eat at the Black Walnut Cafe. I couldn't get Santi to look straight ahead...he was too interested in the dogs!

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