Friday, March 6, 2009

Some news about Santiago

Our little boy turned one month old on Wednesday! I can’t believe how fast time flies and how much Santiago changes everyday. We have had quite a busy month. I have a lot to update you on so here it goes: A few days after Santiago was born I asked my parents what they thought about Santiago as far as the way his head looked. Of course they think he is beautiful but my brother and sister were born with craniosynostosis and I wanted to know if they thought my little angel had it or not. This is something they cannot test for or identify until a baby is born. My mom’s eyes immediately filled with tears and she told me that they were afraid he had it. Craniosynostosis is a condition where the sutures in a baby’s head are prematurely closed causing the head not to be able to grow correctly. I got a referral from my pediatrician for a cranio-facial surgeon and with my dad’s great persuasion skills we were able to get an appointment for the following week. Santiago was 13 days old when we went to see the doctor for the first time. Sure enough he confirmed my fears. He told us that Santi had uni-coronal craniosynostosis on the right side. This past Tuesday we had to take Santiago for a CT scan on his head. That was a terrible experience! Actually seeing the results makes me understand the problem better. Technology is amazing and even though I wish we did not have to go through this, I am thankful they can fix my little boy. Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25th. Santiago will have to wear a helmet for 2 to 3 months after surgery as part of the correction process.
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!


  1. Keep me posted on everything. You guys are in our prayers. So glad you decided to start blogging! Love you!

  2. My dearest Katie, i am so sorry to hear of this, but so thankful and grateful for modern technology and modern science to be able to recognize the problem, and then to correct it as well. your mom had shared w/ me about this, for prayers for him (and you all). so know the entire family, especially baby Santiago, will be in our prayers on the 25th, and afterwards for surgery to heal him and for a quick and painless recovery! God bless, Madolyn :)