Friday, April 24, 2009

First Trip to the Lakehouse

Santiago and I came to visit my parents at the lake yesterday. I made my first car trip with Santi (alone) yesterday morning. We left around 9:30 am and made it to Lake Buchanan about 2 pm. Santiago did really well in the car. We had to stop in Elgin for him to eat - I stopped at a McDonald's and fed him a bottle and also picked me up some lunch. Breastpumps are wonderful inventions! It made feeding on the road a lot easier just because Santiago can drink a bottle much faster than he can nurse. He slept most of the way in the car and when he was awake, he enjoyed listening to the music, admiring himself and smiling in the mirror, and looking at the toys I hung from his carseat. He did great in the car until we got to Bertram where he decided he had been in the carseat long enough and screamed all the way to Burnet which is only 11 miles away from Bertram. The lake house is only about 8 miles from Burnet. I stopped at the HEB in town to take him out of the car and hold him to calm him down and to let Roxie use the restroom. After a little fresh air, we loaded back in the car and drove to the house. I had called my parents when I got to HEB to see if they needed anything and tell them we were almost there so my dad decided to start walking to meet us. He made it pretty far up the windy road and started waving when we came around a corner. He hopped in the backseat and made Santi smile right away. Mom was waiting in the driveway for us as well. They were excited to see us! All we have done here is relax! We may be taking a boat ride in a while if Dad gets the boat ready. I will post pictures later!

The plan was for Santiago and I to stay here at the lake until Sunday but yesterday I got a call from Aaron, the orthotist (helmet guy) and he ordered two new helmets for Santiago and wants to get him in one of them right away. After our visits to the doctors on Tuesday, Hector and I noticed that the helmet was still not fitting correctly so I called Dr. T and Aaron on Wednesday morning. Grandpa Hector, Grandma Linda and I had to take Santiago back for more helmet adjustments Wednesday afternoon. They made more adjustments, but it still is not good so they decided that they have to make a new helmet altogether. It is very frustrating that this helmet was not fitted correctly the first time and that we have had to make so many trips to the Medical Center. We need the helmet to fit correctly in order to do the job its meant to do. So - Aaron the orthotist - pulled some strings and put an order in for a new helmet and they are rushing it to be completed. The plan was to pick up the new helmet on Monday or Tuesday next week so I decided to bring Santi to see his grandparents. Aaron said typically they do not get this good of a turnaround on helmets being made and delivered but since he is getting it here early, he wants to get it on Santiago as soon as possible. We are going on Sunday morning to get the new helmet. The second helmet will be here on Tuesday and he will decide which one Santiago needs to wear after we try both. Our time at the lake will be cut a little short because now we will have to leave on Saturday. We will be back Memorial Day weekend so that will be nice!

Santiago has been sleeping through the night this week and it has been wonderful! I was scared that coming to the lake and having to sleep in a playpen that he is not used to may throw off his routine but it hasn't. He slept from 9:30 pm until 7 am! I am loving getting a full night's rest!

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  1. Look Katie! I finally figured this out! Haha!!
    Isn't it wonderful to get a full nights sleep? I think my pediatrician told me that once the baby doubles their birth weight they start sleeping through the night. It was true for Gracie! Enjoy your time with your parents.