Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Helmet

This morning Hector and I took Santiago to pick up his new helmet. It's clear and it seems to fit a lot better. We learned today that they have not seen many patients, Santi may be the first, that have had unicoronal craniosynostosis and have had the craniectomy procedure that Santiago had at a young age. They have fitted other babies that had sagittal synostosis and have fit many older babies for helmets but apparently Santi is one of the youngest babies and that may be the reason the first helmet was not made correctly the first time. Aaron, the orthotist, likes the style of this new helmet better than the first one and hopes my doctor will start using it for other patients in the future. I am hoping that we have no problems with this helmet. It is going to be a little hotter because it is made of plastic and there is no material in the inside to absorb the sweat like the other one. Santiago is going to have to build back up to 23 hours of wear time again with this new helmet. Today we are doing 4 hours at a time and 1 hour off.

My cutie pie is learning to lift up his legs in the air and has begun to look at his feet. He also is kicking a lot more so he is enjoying his bouncer seat. It changes the sounds it makes when he kicks and he is liking that. Santiago also likes to suck on his whole fist now that he discovered his hands.


  1. Does Hec have another Longhorn sticker for this one??
    Here's Grace's blog website http://graceannpesek.blogspot.com/

  2. Yes he does but we are waiting to make sure this helmet is fitted correctly before we apply the stickers! I'm so glad you are blogging too!