Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Helmet Fix, Smiles and Crazy Hair

Today was a day of smiles and laughs for Santiago and a some fussing in between. We had to get up early to go to the medical center to get Santiago's helmet adjusted again. Yes again..we just had an adjustment last Thursday but his little head is growing so fast that we had to go back before our weekly appointment. Santi didn't sleep well the last two nights and I noticed he was really wiggling his head alot trying to get out of the helmet or something. I knew it wasn't comfortable on him for the first time. It was leaving a pretty big red mark on his forehead and I thought the helmet was too straight on the forehead piece instead of rounded. Sure enough Aaron, the orthotist, said that it needed to be rounded out in the area that covers his forehead. He also had to make it apply pressure evenly on the left side of his forehead and give more room on the right side so he removed a small portion of the white padding inside the helmet to even the pressure out better. He also added some more holes in the helmet to allow Santiago's head to breathe better! I saw a huge difference in the amount of sweat on his head today after leaving the helmet place. He seemed a lot cooler today and when we took his helmet off tonight for his bath he wasn't drenched in sweat. So more holes are a great addition!

I think Santiago may be teething already and that may be the cause of his increased fussiness, TONS of drool and interrupted sleep that he has had the last couple of days. He isn't extremely fussy but he is definitely more fussy than he usually is. I felt around in his mouth today with my finger and I can feel something poking out on the top gums and one on the bottom. Santiago is now 3 and half months old...is that too early to be teething?

Grandma Linda had Santiago laughing so hard today when we got home from the helmet appointment. Santi was playing on his jungle playmat and Grandma Linda was just talking to him and he kept laughing and laughing. It was great!

Hector J also got Santi laughing when we came back from eating dinner with Bianca and Amy at Pappasitos. The picture at the top of the post is Santiago looking at and laughing at his daddy. So cute!

Santiago took his bath a little late tonight because we had dinner out and when I got back home we visited outside a little while with our neighbors. Here Santi is standing up with a little help from mom as he waits to eat before going to bed. He is getting so strong and he loves to push up with his legs. Santiago's hair is growing back nicely since he had a strip shaved a little for surgery so I took a picture of his crazy hair after he took his bath tonight. What you can't see in this picture is how his hair is rubbing off in the back in two places from the helmet. We may have to give him a buzz cut or something short when he graduates out of his helmet to even his hair all out. We will see!


  1. It's never too early for teeth--they come at different ages for different babies. Not fun for baby or mom!!

  2. Not much longer until I get to meet him. I can't wait!! He is such a handsome boy. Cohen has those exact same pjs!

  3. A girl I work with has a little boy two months older than our little ones and he started getting teeth at three months. Hang in there if that's what's going on. At least you won't have two at a time going through it!

  4. Teeth are such a mysterious thing! Our 13 month old still only has 2 teeth and he's had those 2 for a long time! Who knows!