Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yesterday was kind of a "blue" day for us. Santiago was not in the best of moods. I'm not real sure what was wrong or if anything was wrong but he just wasn't his normal happy self. I struggled all day to get a smile or laugh out of him. He barely cooed or anything all day long. He cried a little but not extremely bad or anything. He was just quiet and wanted to be held alot. When I would lay him down on his play mat or put him in his swing, he would be content for a few minutes and then would start to fuss. If I let the fuss go to long, then he would cry. So we just hung out watching tv and cuddled. We watched Sesame Street and Baby Mozart a few times.
Today was a lot better. Santiago woke up very happy and stayed happy pretty much all day. I was glad to see his smiles back. I was a little worried he was getting sick or something so I am glad he is ok. Here he is waking up from a nap in his crib. I could hear him moving around on the monitor alot so I went in to see if he was awake and he was just laying there looking at the mobile and stretching. I had to lay him in the bobby pillow to keep him asleep today in the crib during nap time.

Here is Santi a little later in the day playing on a quilt on his bedroom floor. As you can see he has different clothes on because when I was changing his diaper after his nap he decided to kick off his little coverup and sprayed himself in the face and all over his helmet. I have learned that little boys always have to be covered up when you are changing them and today even though I had him covered, he got himself because he loves to wiggle and kick on his changing table. So here he is all cleaned up and in new dry clothes.

And here is my pretty boy after bath time tonight. He really loves his bath time and I love it too because it is the only hour of our day that he does not wear his helmet. It is so nice to be able to snuggle and love on him and feel his hair. His head smells really bad when we first take the helmet off so we get the best snuggle time after his bath when he smells all fresh and clean! He gets really sleepy after we lotion him up and put his jammies on. He knows that it is time to read a book or two, eat one more time and then call it a night after we take a bath. In this picture Santiago is playing with his ear. That is something he started really early on when he is starts to get sleepy. Now he also sucks on his bottom lip for comfort in addition to playing with his ears.
Good night!

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