Monday, December 21, 2009


Santiago is growing and changing every single day and it just amazes me. He is an amazing little boy and we love him so much. Doesn't he look like he is about 2 in the picture above? Well he's not - ha! He is only 10 and half months old. Every where we go, people guess he is much older than he is and are shocked when we tell them how old he is.

Santiago has become so active lately. He wants to walk everywhere. He will crawl over to you and grab each of your hands so that he can lead you around the house. I can ask him to take me to the Christmas tree and he will. I can ask him to show me Mr. Pansa (his big teddy bear in his room) and he will lead me there. I can tell him it's time for his bath and he will take me to the restroom. He is so smart! It is truly amazing how much he understands.

I have been telling him for a long time now where his eyes are, nose, ears, mouth, etc. I will point and say - Santi's nose, Momma's nose. He will grab my nose when I ask him where my nose is most of the time. Sometimes he doesn't want to play.... There is one thing that I am not so sure that I should have taught him - I taught him what his belly button is and where his Daddy's is and where mine is. If you ask him where it is, he will begin to pull up your shirt to find it. Today we were in Sam's and he was trying to find my belly button. I kept having to pull my shirt down and tell him not in here. It was a little embarrassing!

One of my new favorite things he does lately is crawl up to my legs and pull up on them. It feels so good to have him hold on to me like that. Today Hector took this next picture of Santiago walking behind me as he held on to my jeans. He is so proud of himself for being able to walk with support. I know it won't be long until he is walking on his own.

Here's a little video of Santiago leading his Daddy around the house with a big smile on his face.

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