Friday, January 1, 2010

Winter Break

We are coming to the end of our wonderful winter break and its a little sad. We have the weekend and then it's back to work! BOO! Hector and I have enjoyed every minute at home with Santiago and we are counting our blessings. As a working mom, I am a little scared that I will miss out on Santi's exciting firsts. Luckily for me, this break came at the perfect time for Santiago learning to walk. He has taken his first steps and I believe 12 tiny steps is his current record before plopping to the ground. His strength, balance and courage have increased in the last week and it is so neat to watch him learn new things. He loves to grab you by the hand or finger and direct you wherever he wants to go. He has gone from cruising around furniture, to having to hold you by two hands to walk, to one hand and now to no hands all in about a week and a half span. Go Santi go!
Between Christmas and New Years, Santiago and I took a little trip to the lakehouse to visit my parents since we didn't go to Midland this year for Christmas. We had a very nice and relaxing time as always at the lake. Thank you mom and dad for the wonderful gifts and most importantly for your love! I can't wait to take Santiago for a ride in his Radio Flyer wagon. Here's some pictures from our visit. Santiago is wearing some really cute Christmas jammies my mom made him in these pictures!
We went to town to eat breakfast at our favorite restaurant in Burnet and I ordered Santiago a pancake. The waiter brought this for him! How cute is that?

Santiago also helped his Pappaw put together a new shelf. He was very interested in the tools and what my dad was doing.

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