Monday, February 8, 2010

12 Months Old

Here is what Santiago is up to at 12 months old:

  • wearing a size 4 diaper, size 6.5 W shoe, mostly 24 month clothes - still some 18 months
  • eats almost all solid foods and wants the exact same thing we are eating
  • drinks whole milk but still nurses first thing in the morning and right before bed
  • walking EVERYWHERE
  • doesn't have any known food allergies - he has eaten eggs with no problem
  • says mama, mom, daddy, dad, doggie (dawie)
  • Will say "voof" when you ask him what a dog says and "roar" when you ask what a lion says
  • is beginning to figure out how to put shape blocks through the correct hole in toys
  • dances whenever he hears a song
  • will pick things from the fridge or pantry that he wants to eat.
  • LOVES blueberries - he gets really upset when they are gone unless you tell him and show him they are almost gone
  • learning how to feed himself with a spoon or fork
  • bends over to pick things up without falling
  • never crawls anymore
  • Can point to your eyes and say "ice"
  • Says "jjss" for juice
  • Can point animals out in books - cat, dog, duck, elephant,
  • When you ask where an elephant is when reading a book, Santi lifts one arm up like an elephant trunk
  • Understands everything you say - very receptive. He will go get things when you ask him to (blue ball, etc) If you tell him let's go take a bath, he will walk you to the bathtub. If you ask him to take a bite or a drink, he will.

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