Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Play Date

Hector and I are always looking to make new friends, especially some friends with kids around Santiago's age. Not to sound pathetic, but we don't have a lot of friends that we hang out with on the weekend and we really wish we did sometimes. About a month ago at church, I met a girl named Stephanie and her daughter Sofia. Sofia is about 3 weeks older that Santi and we were having the same issues at mass that Sunday. Our babies were not wanting to sit still and be quiet at church. It's hard to make a little one understand that church is a quiet place where they can't walk around and be free and play. So Stephanie and I both took our babies to the foyer area where we could still hear the priest and watch the little ones walk around and not disturb other people at mass. Maybe one day I will put Santiago in the nursery but I'm not ready for that yet. So anyways, that is how Stephanie and I met and how Santiago got his first girlfriend. She tried to kiss him the first time they met! Here's pretty Sofia.Last week we had Stephanie, her husband Javier and little Sofia over for dinner and some playtime. We had fun watching the two of them interact while we drank wine and ate a delicious chicken fettucinne dinner made by Hector.
Hopefully this was the first of many playdates for Sofia and Santiago. It's nice to have met a couple that have some common interests as us and who also have a little one.

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