Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Taste of Summer

I had the Monday after Easter off from work and it was a wonderful little taste of summer and what it would be like if I were a 'stay at home' mom. Santiago and I had a very busy day - we took Roxie to the groomers, dropped off clothes at the cleaners and went up to my school for a short while so that I could cover my walls for TAKS testing and level a few more titles for the leveled bookroom. My friend Kathy came to Greenwood while we were there also and we had a nice short visit while she played with Santi and I did my work. After that, Santi and I came back home and he napped for about an hour and half then woke up to eat lunch. After lunch we headed to the public library for Lapsit. Lapsit is a sing-a-long/story time/play group for babies 0-18 months. I used to go quite frequently last summer with Santiago and it was fun to go back now that he is a little older and can walk around and play with the toys. My friend Angela came with her son Christian and she brought a friend and her son, Carter. Angela and Christian went with us last summer also - Christian is only 2 weeks older than Santiago and about the same size as him. It was fun to see these two pistols together again. Angela is expecting a sweet baby girl in July and I can't wait to meet her new little one! Here's the three boys sharing Santiago's yogurt melts. I couldn't believe I got all three toddlers to sit still long enough to take a picture where they are all semi-looking at the camera! Santi and Christian both know how to say "more" in sign language and it was cute to see them both doing it at the same time.

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