Friday, June 4, 2010

16 Months Old

We ended the school year today so I am officially out for the summer to enjoy my beautiful 16 month old boy! I can't believe how fast it goes by and I know its only going to keep speeding up. In the meantime, I will be enjoying every moment! Here is what Santiago is up to lately:
  • wears 24 months or 2T clothes, size 5 diapers and size 8 shoes
  • weighs 30 pounds
  • loves everything water including bathtime, the kiddie pool, waterhose, watering plants, swimming in the lake, and sticking his hand in your glass of water
  • talks up a storm - can say many words that begin with b, d, n, m, and w
  • squenches his nose and smiles when he is trying to be cute or sneaky
  • can give you "ojitos" (blinks his eyes and flutters his eyelashes)
  • recognizes many body parts and objects in English and Spanish
  • likes to be turned over somersault-style on the bed - I call it "blast off" - he will ask for more using sign language
  • can reach the door knobs and tries to open the doors
  • likes to open and empty cabinets and dresser drawers
  • runs and giggles while he runs
  • claps for himself when he does something he thinks is good or cool
  • takes a few minutes to warm up to people but them turns into a ham and wants all their attention
  • shouts across our cul-de-sac to the neighbor kids and loves when they come over to see him
  • loves to play with Roxie
  • calls me "nahnah" and sometimes "mama" and his daddy "dada"
  • calls his grandpa - "Dah" and grandma "nahnah"
  • working on saying "Pappaw" and Grandma. He will whisper pa-pa
  • loves to spin in circles
  • shakes his head "no" when he doesn't like something

I might add more later : )

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