Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun at the Lake

Last weekend we took Hector's parents and his sister Bianca and husband Matt to the lakehouse. We had a wonderful relaxing time.  I ended up staying a couple extra days with Santiago after the Ornelas crew left on Sunday because my parents were coming to the lakehouse for a few days. Since it was Father's Day on Sunday, it was nice to be able to see all the wonderful father's in my life in one day.  It would have been better if the entire day could have been celebrated with my dad, Hector and his dad but I am thankful for the time we had together. 
Santiago and Jager couldn't wait to get down to the water.  We had to lock the gate using Jager's leash because Santiago figured out how to open the gate this trip.  There are stairs going down in front of the gate and it would be bad news if he got out on his own. 

We hung out on the boat dock a lot on Saturday and all the boys and Bianca did a little fishing. They caught mostly perch, a couple small catfish and white bass.  Santiago caught his first fish with his daddy.

Here's Bianca and Matt with one of their perch.
We took some boat rides and Santiago wore his cousin Blake's life jacket because it fits him better than his and has a strap that holds it away from riding up around his head. I know its purple and pink but we didn't care because he seemed more comfortable in it and he was safe!  Here's Santi and his Grandma Linda aka "NaNa"
The next few pictures were taken after the Ornelas crew headed home.  My mom brought some silly hats and Santiago liked wearing them.  Here we are sitting on the dock enjoying a pop-pop.
After being covered with sticky Popsicle juice, Santiago enjoyed playing in the water with his Grandma Karen and Pappaw.   He kicked his feet in the water and loved going back and forth to us in the water.  He even was "jumping" off the steps to my dad.  He loved it so much and kept asking for "more" in sign language! 
Santiago was having so much fun at the lake that he barely took any naps.  Here he is taking a ride on the wave runner with Pappaw.
And here he is passed out on my dad because he was so tired! Have you ever seen anyone fall asleep on a wave runner! Too funny! He didn't stay asleep long though.
We always go on walks when we are at the lake and here we are sporting the crazy hats my mom bought. 
And last, but not least, here's Santiago playing in Pappaw's boots and wondering when we are going to get to go back the lake.  We have at least one more trip planned there and we will have to see how Santiago is doing after surgery to see if we get to go back to the lake before school starts in the fall.  We are looking forward to all the McLane's coming to the lakehouse for the 4th of July!

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