Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 2 - Post Op

Last night we slept a little better being in our new room.  We had one scary situation about 2:30 am that brought me to tears.  Santiago woke up screaming and pointing like he was seeing something scary.  I immediately picked him up and held him but he kept pointing in a different directions making a wierd scream cry sound.  I tried to comfort him and after awhile the nurse came in and gave him a dose of morphine to calm him down.  I think he had a bad dream and was also really scared when he couldn't see anything when he work up.  I HATED this episodevery much.  It was scary and sad and it took me a long time to go to sleep again after the morphine started working for Santi and he fell asleep.  I'm so glad that we are in a regular hospital room and that Hector was close by.  Thank God for that. Santi needed to know that mommy and daddy are right here with him. 

Santiago is really swollen now and they have begun to put medicine in his eyes to keep them moist and infection free while they are swollen shut.  Dr. T says today will be the worst as far as swelling and coloring go.  His right eye is a lot more purple than the left.   His nose is beginning to bruise at the top left part by his eye. 

He woke up very irritable and upset at 10:30ish in the morning and was hitting me and kicking his feet.  He also was grabbing and hitting at his head so we requested the nurse again who brought him morphine since we weren't close enough to noon for his tylenol/codine dose.  I think my baby was in a lot of pain and this was making him very upset.

The rest of the day was actually getting better.  Santi is starting to show a little of his happy self when he is awake.  Hector has been wonderful waiting on the two of us and Santi has begun to wake up and say "Dada juice" or "dada wawa" when he is thirsty.  Daddy has become the juice man! 

We got permission to take Santiago's monitors off occasionally so we have gone all quite a few walks in the hallways.  There is a "park" in the middle of the pediatric floor with these really cool fake trees.  Santi will ask for a "wa" so we would have to get up to take him on another walk. 

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