Monday, September 27, 2010

Froggy Rocker

 Santiago's Aunt Bianca showers him with gifts quite often.  She is extremely kind and generous and Santiago absolutely LOVES his newest toy.  Bianca gave him this super cute rocking frog that plays four different songs with a touch of a button.  Thanks Bianca!!
 Santiago has been a sick little boy since last Thursday.  I had to leave work around lunch time because his fever was spiking.  I took him to the pediatrician and they did a full exam on him and some blood work and urinalysis.  His fever reached a high of 103 and little Santi was just lifeless.  It's so hard to see your baby like that.  All the tests came back clear and they said he had a viral infection and that we would just have to let it run its course.  I stayed home from work on Friday and had to change 14 yucky diapers and then Saturday Santiago's nose started to run.  He was congested already and that has only gotten worse.  Sunday he began to cough a little and today he is really hoarse and coughing a lot.   All we can do is run the humidifier, fill his nose with saline spray and suction his boogies out! It's no fun at all but luckily his fever broke and he is acting more like himself all the time.  He wanted to play on his froggy rocker today and go outside.  It was a beautiful cool fall day so we spent a little time out there this evening.  Hopefully tomorrow Santiago will feel a little better than he did today and just continue to improve.  We need to get the helmet back on.  It's been off for two weeks now because of the impetigo and then high fever. 

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