Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sarah's Birthday

Little Sarah is FIVE years old! It's hard to believe because it doesn't seem that long ago that we were going to Hector's cousin Noel's baby shower.  Today we went to Sarah's birthday party at Bounce U and we had a great time. Santiago has been to quite a few parties at bounce places like this and when we walked in he knew exactly where he was! He danced and squealed and ws very excited.  He wanted to do everything with everyone!
We all took turns helping and playing with Santiago.  Hector and I had to keep passing the one pair of socks back and forth so we could take turns going with Santiago.
Bianca and Nana had fun with his as well.  Bianca played a whole lot with Santi and it was fun to watch them together.  He loves her and talks about her all the time when she isn't around.  They played jumbo basketball, a little baseball, raced cars and bounced around together. 
All in all Sarah's birthday was a blast!

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