Saturday, November 6, 2010

21 Months Old

 Santiago turned 21 months on the 4th and will be four months post op on the 9th.  Every day is a new amazing day in the life of Santiago and I feel so blessed to have him in our life.  Besides having a scar on his head that zigzigs from ear to ear, you would never know that he has had two major surgeries on his skull.  He is looking more and more handsome all the time and I don't know how that is possible! I have always thought he was beautiful, but you can really see the amazing results of his second surgery. His two eyes are better aligned and his eyes and forehead and everything are becoming more and more symmetrical all the time. Hector and I want him to wear his scar with pride and never be ashamed of it.  You can barely see it most of the time, but when he has a short hair cut like he does now, it shows a little.  It makes me proud to see it because it reminds me of his strength. He is a very smart boy and I feel very blessed that God has given doctors the knowledge and talent to fix babies with cranio so that they can grow and develop normally.  Without his surgery, his brain would not have grown normally.  We are very blessed.
 Here are some new things that Santiago is up to lately at 21 months old:
  • wears 8.5 size shoes, 2T/3T clothes, size 5 diaper
  • weighs about 33-34 pounds
  • talking in 2 and 3 word phrases
  • loves the color yellow - says everything is yellow
  • loves to help around the house - if I'm sweeping, he's sweeping with the small broom, if I'm wiping something with wipes, he wants to do the same, etc.
  • answers "yes" or "no" to questions which is very helpful because he can voice what he wants a little better now
  • loves to dance
  • gives the greatest hugs in the world and squeezes
  • walks up to you randomly to kiss you on the cheek
  • shakes his finger back and forth and says "no no" to things - especially Roxie
  • loves to watch Elmo and read "mo mo books"
  • likes to read a book and sit on the potty! ha!
  • loves to "boom boom" which means to pretend drive the car - we aren't sure why he calls it that
  • wants to "wah Yocksuh" (walk Roxie) every day when we get home from work
  • doesn't really like to eat meat but loves his fruit still and some veggies
  • can open doors by himself
  • will open the pantry door and get whatever he wants out for himself
  • has a very big vocabulary
  • loves to play and learn on the iPad
  • really likes tractors
  • makes beautiful pictures at Mother's Day Out that he is very proud to show us
  • loves to see other kids and play with them especially at our neighborhood park
  • is strong-willed
  • learning to say "yes ma' am" and "no ma' am" and "thank you"
  • full of laughter
  • loves to be outside
  • licks his finger to turn the pages of a book
  • uses his shirt to try to open bottles

These pictures were taken today in Tomball by the Whistle Stop Tea Room.  Santiago and I took Nana Linda to eat lunch there today since "the Hectors" went to Lovelady to hunt for the opening of deer season.  We had a really nice day!

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