Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Growing Blessing

 Today Hector and I went for an ultrasound at my doctor's office.  I am almost 20 weeks pregnant (19 weeks 3 days to be exact) with our second blessing and this time around we wanted to find out the gender of our new precious little one.  We didn't know Santiago was a boy until the day he was born and it was the greatest surprise of my life.  Today was just as exciting waiting to find out!  We had to wait almost two hours for our ultrasound because the doctor's office was so crowded when we got there.  There were two other moms ahead of me for ultrasound so after all the regular doctor visit stuff, we were finally taken back.  The ultrasound tech gave us 40 images of our new son on a CD to take home.  Yes, that's right...we are having another BOY! 
He looks like he already has big feet and long fingers and it was truly amazing to see this tiny baby wiggling and moving inside of me and to feel it at the same time.  He was breech during the ultrasound so it made it a little hard to see his jewels but he finally revealed himself and let us know he is a BOY!  Santiago is going to have a best friend to grow up with and we know he is going to be the best big brother this new baby could ask for! He weighs around 12 ounces right now and has a heartbeat of 134 on ultrasound.  The doppler read a heartrate of 145 bpm about 30 minutes before the u/s.  He seems to be doing great in there in spite of all the complications at the beginning and I pray he continues! We can't wait to meet him in about 20 more weeks!  I am officially outnumbered in this Ornelas household but I feel blessed to have such wonderful boys in my life : )

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