Monday, March 21, 2011

22 Weeks

Everyone lately has been saying how much my baby bump has grown and how big I am getting etc and I guess it's true! No more confusion of if I'm just getting fat or if I'm acutally pregnant.  And no I am not hiding a ball under my dress!  ha : )  I will be 23 weeks on Friday and I can finally say that I am feeling good!  The last few weeks have been fun because I can feel the little man moving around alot more inside and kicking.  Hector has gotten to feel him too and I am just waiting for the perfect time that Santi can touch my belly and feel his little brother as well.  This pregnancy has been a little rough with the complications I began with, then morning sickness and weight loss, then strep throat and two major sinus infections.  I don't want to jinx myself but I think I am finally healthy and I definitely hope to stay this way!  The best part of being pregnant is feeling the life inside of you grow and change.  Lately my hips have been a little sore and my feet are starting to swell a bit.  I feel like my body already knows what to do with baby #2 and things are getting a little looser and achier already.  The good news is I am not having the back pain I had with Santiago's pregnancy (yet) I hurt badly from week 20-40 with him and I am counting my blessings that my back is not hurting like that now at almost 23 weeks.  I'm sure it will come but it's all worth it!  Tomorrow I go to my OB for a check up.  We'll see if I have managed to gain more weight.  He was a little concerned that I have only gained 4 pounds as of my 5 month appointment but he said I still had plenty of time to gain more.  As long as my little man grows healthy and strong, I'm not worried about my weight gain.  So far so good! Thank God for this little miracle!

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