Thursday, March 24, 2011

Doctor Updates

Yesterday I went to my OB for a regular checkup and the baby is doing great.  Like I said before, I am finally feeling good and it seems as if I am in total clear of the complications I began this pregnancy with.  The baby seems to be in constant motion and my bladder definitely is aware that there is a living being inside me! haha!  I absolutely LOVE feeling him move around inside me and I will never take that for granted.  I count my blessings that I am able to experience this miracle!  The baby's heartrate was 136 and I have gained 5 more pounds.  All great news.    We had a little unexpected discussion at yesterday's appointment about the size of the baby at birth.  The nurse brought up that she didn't realize that my first baby, Santiago, was 9 pounds 2 ounces.  So she and the doctor told me that usually second babies are bigger and as we get closer to my due date we may talk about induction.  I told them that I really preferred not to be induced simply because I don't want to try to make the baby come before he is ready and he said the earliest we could consider would be at 39 weeks and since I've already had one baby that my body would be more willing to cooperate.  I told him that we would cross that bridge later on when we needed to and asked if I could possibly have an extra ultrasound closer to my due date to help determine the size of the baby before making any big decisions.  I'm only scheduled for one more u/s at 30 weeks and that's still a ways off from the birth day- possibly 10 more weeks - and that would allow for plenty of growth to take place.  We will just see later.  As of now, I'm not worried.  I'll take another healthy BIG baby if that is what is meant to be!  I'll just deal with the recovery later! OUCH!

My OB is located in the same building as the orthopedic surgeon that we took Santiago to a few weeks ago so I decided to stop by and ask if they had the results of his bone scan.  I had no idea that they would invite me back to actually speak with the doctor. I just expected to leave a message with the nurse and wait to be called with the results. I got really lucky.  The doctor graciously read the scan while I was there and then reported to me that the scan was completely normal.  GREAT news! I was so relieved to hear that.  So that means that Santiago does not have any serious bone disease or infection but still does not explain why he limps off and on.  The doc still believes that most likely it is a transient synovitis which is a virus that comes and goes and causes inflammation in the body.  He things most likely the limp is occurring in Santiago's left hip or knee.  He recommended us to watch him for another 2-3 weeks to see how he does and if he continues to limp we will go back to see him one more time.  The next step after that would be to see a pediatric rheumatologist.  He doesn't think we are going to have to go that route so I hope we don't.  So all in all - we got great news about Santiago and I am going to let my mind rest and not worry about his limp.  Ruling out bone diseases sure is a relief!  Thanks to everyone for always showing interest in his well being and your prayers for our health.  We really appreciate it.

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