Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just a Swimmin'

 Today we went to our friend's house for an afternoon of swimming and grilling.  It was a lot of fun!  There were a few couples there and a handful of kids but Santiago was the youngest there.  He loved every minute in the water and definitely showed us how useful his swim lessons were.  He was very confident in the water!  We bought him some little water wings to wear and he absolutely loved them! 
 He kicked and swam around on his own and was amazed that he could float so well!   When I was in the water with him, he kept telling me to "go away" or would say "me do it all by myself."  He enjoyed swimming back and forth between his mommy and daddy and always had a smile on his face. 
 Santi enjoyed climbing up on the steps and then jumping to us and he doesn't mind if he goes under a bit either!
 Our friend's new pool has an amazing rock formation that has a slide and waterfall combined.  You can sit under the water fall on a little step.  This was the only part that Santiago wasn't too sure about but after we went to the step along the right side and didn't have to go through the waterfall, he was just fine and wanted to do it again and again. 
 I enjoyed floating in the pool and so did the little boy inside me.  He must have felt light as a feather just as I did because he moved a LOT when I was in the water!  I haven't been able to lay on my stomach in a very long time but I was able to lay on a float today with my belly down and it felt awesome.  I sure enjoyed having all the pressure relieved for a little while.  It was fun to get some sun and play with my two - soon to be three- boys in the water today!

 Santiago swam for several hours straight and ate and drank a lot through out the day.  He did great going potty as well!  Santiago did not have a nap at all today and I was pleasantly surprised that he held up so well all afternoon without his usual 3 hour nap he has been taking.  But as soon as we got in the car to drive home....this is what happened!! 
 Notice how Santiago is still wearing his floaties! He did not want to take them off when it was time to get out of the pool.  He came home wearing his chones (underwear) and jean shorts with no shirt and his water wings!  Our drive home was only about 5 minutes and Santi woke up when I tried to get his seat belt off and then he was hungry.  So he ate another snack with his floaties on and then was ready to go to bed!
I got them off by being sneaky and letting the air out of them.  When he saw they were deflating, he pulled them off himself.  Before falling asleep he asked me if he could wear his floaties again tomorrow! 

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