Monday, August 29, 2011

The Face of Reflux

My poor Gabriel was diagnosed with GERD last Tuesday and we started taking Zantac for babies. Right after Gabriel was born and began to nurse, he also began to spit up. At our first pediatrician appointment at day 3 of life we were told that we would watch him for reflux because he was spitting up a lot of yellow stuff. Soon after my milk came in and his spitting up has continued. I'm not talking about a little spit up that all babies do. I'm talking about soak your shirt and have to change a ton of times each day (both of our clothes). My poor little guy is uncomfortable a lot where he arches his back and makes gasping noises. At times I thought he was choking and that is extremely scary especially when he is sleeping. So last week I took him to the doctor because he wasn't getting any better and I hate not being able to comfort him all the time. Evenings are the hardest and sometimes I was nursing for hours at a time because he is comforted there and not screaming. My pediatrician got to hear his labored breathing that I was worried about and witness him spitting up. She explained that sometimes babies aren't developed all the way and this causes reflux which makes them very uncomfortable. It's heartburn all the time. We didn't experience this with Santiago and I hate that Gabriel is going through this. He is supposed to outgrow this problem and I hope that he does. The meds that we are trying are supposed to take two weeks to take effect and we will check back in with the doctor at Gabriel's two month appointment. The good news we got that my doctor was impressed with was Gabriel's weight gain. He weighed 11 pounds 6 ounces at 5 weeks old last week. Most babies don't gain weight that well with reflux so I'm glad he is getting plenty of nutrition even though he obviously doesn't feel good and a lot comes right back up!
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