Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jager Ride

Santiago has been playing in the backyard every chance he gets lately and sometimes I let him go outside by himself while I watch through the window.  The other day it looked like Santi was having a full blown conversation with Jager so I opened the back door to hear what he was saying.
   This is what I heard:
Hi Jager.  Your my best friend Jager. Dood (good) Dog.  Want to go for a ride Jager? Dood Dog.

Awww come here Jager.

Dood Dog Jager. Me ride you Jager.  Dooood Dog!

Santiago was able to sit on his back for about 5 seconds and then Jager began to roll over causing Santi to get bucked off! It was quite funny.

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