Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Latest Happenings....


Our life seems to be super busy lately whether we are staying at home or are out and about.  I have been on a mission to "declutter" our house.  I have been trying to do at least one big project a week - sometimes more.  I have cleaned the inside of the fridge, reorganized the pantry with tubs and such, put together a family binder, cleaned out the cabinets below our bathroom sinks, linen closet and several junk drawers.  It feels good to get rid of junk that we never use and make the junk that we do use a little more accessible and neat looking! Also, with my new role as a stay at home mom and wife, I have been trying to keep up with the regular house duties better by doing one big cleaning thing a day such as the bathrooms, mop, dust, etc. along with doing one load a laundry a day and regular things to try to keep the house a little straighter.  It is not perfect by all means and sometimes I don't get to that one big chore a day but I'm trying to get a new routine down.  I feel good about it all!  So that's what I have been up to at home in addition to loving on and playing with my boys.  That job keeps me extra busy all by itself! I love it!

I think I have mentioned before that I have joined a meetup group called Moms of Tots and I have enjoyed getting out of the house with the boys so that I can have some adult conversations with some new friends while Santi gets to play with some kids his age.  It's great.  I have enjoyed the few playdates that I have attended so far and I look forward to more.  So when we aren't at home doing all of the above, we are grocery shopping or going on playdates or visiting with Nana and Dah.

I've also just become an Independent Consultant for Thirty One Gifts and just received my big pink box with all my enrollment products.  I will be busy with that as well learning the products and hopefully hosting many parties at friend's houses and online.  I'm looking forward to having something in my life that will bring more friends into my life and hopefully a little extra cash haha! It will be nice to have some adult only time with wonderful fun women.  My website for Thirty One is www.mythirtyone.com/katiemco  Feel free to take a look and ask for more details if you are interested!

Ok so here's some pictures of some things we have been up to in the last week or two.....

We went to Tomball's Spooktacular Halloween Event last Saturday with Nana and Dah and did a little trick or treating, game playing and pumpkin decorating:

 We watched the UT football game.  Santi can do HOOK EM' HORNS really well now.

 And we made some brownies.....

 Licked up our mess....

 And then Roxie licked and cleaned Santi up!
And snuggled with my happy boy.....
 See ya next time : )

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