Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Crazy in the Rain

It's been raining on and off all day today but I really need to drop two letters in the mail and Santi wouldn't stop asking me to walk to the mailbox so out we went.  It looked like the rain had stopped.  There was clouds in the sky but there were many bright blue sky spots showing between the clouds so I thought we could make it.  Santi wanted to ride his tractor so I put Gabriel in the single stroller and we began the walk down the street to the mailbox.  I wasn't a complete dummy though....I made sure to bring a blanket just.in.case.  As we were walking down the street I noticed the tractor sounded a little weird and wasn't going as fast as usual.  We made it to the mailbox and as we turned around it started sprinkling.  I asked Santi to go as fast as possible while I covered Gabe with the blanket.  We went a few more yards and then the tractor started barely moving and then the rain picked up and began to pour!  Craziness!   I had to leave the tractor in front of our neighbors house in the corner so I could get the baby home fast.  The tractors battery completely died.  Santi and I got soaked but luckily the baby stayed completely dry.  I left the two boys in the garage and ran down the street to push the tractor home.  Santi was laughing hysterically watching me and cheering for me.  I couldn't help but just laugh.  What else can you do?!?  Thank God for the rain and put your babies in a hot bath after getting soaked in the rain!

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