Wednesday, December 7, 2011

News from Santiago's Teachers

The real St. Nick came to visit Santiago and his friends at Mothers Day Out today.  He left a special note and two chocolate coins inside their shoes while they napped.  Santi's teachers are teaching the kids the true meaning of Christmas this month and about the real St. Nick. 

I absolutely love hearing stories and compliments about my boy and today I was told a story that made me laugh so hard I cried!  Ms. Mary Jo began by telling me that Santi read them a book today.  She said he did a really good job of telling the story by remembering it from a previous read and from the pictures.  She then said that he made her laugh because before he began he asked her to 'wait a second," said "toos-me (excuse me) I fordot someting." Then he went into the play kitchen area and said loudly, "I need my goggles (glasses)!". He then pretended to pick them up off the kitchen table, put them on, and then came back to his book.  Then he licked his finger to turn the page! 

We have seen him do similar things like this before but hearing her tell the story and demonstrate his movements and words made me laugh so hard.  Meanwhile Santi was standing by smiling ear to ear feeling so proud of himself while listening to his teacher talk about him.  It was so cute!

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