Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Santiago's First Office Visit at School

As I was walking into the building today to pick Santiago up from Mothers Day Out, Ms. Sandy, one of the head ladies, told me to be sure to ask Santiago about the office. I was a little concerned and or confused so I just kept walking with Gabriel in my arms to Santi's classroom. When I walked in, Santiago was just waking up from his nap and I asked him about the office. He was still half asleep so he just said "Oh Ms Sandy got in trouble.". I looked a Ms Mary Jo, his teacher, and she just busted out laughing. All I could think is at least Santi didn't get in trouble. I knew they would have called me if something really happened. Ms Mary Jo went on to explain that whenever they make announcements in the intercom, Santi always asks "what did as say?" or "what's that mean?". I know the feeling....he is mister curious and has a question for everything and wants b answer. If you reply with "I don't know" he begs you to tell him! So Ms Mary Jo said she always answers his questions about the intercom announcements by saying "They said Santiago needs to come to the office. He is in big trouble!". He knows it is a joke and they always laugh about it. Well today Ms Sandy was visiting his classroom when they announced that Ms Sandy needed to come to the office. Santi quickly went to her and told her that she was in big trouble and she had to go to the office! Haha his two teachers and Sandy got a big kick out of it and a good laugh! Santi the. Wanted to know where the office was and how they talked real loud. Ms Sandy catered to his curiosity and told him he was in big trouble too and had to go to the office with her. She took him on his very own field trip to the office to see where they make announcements and how the intercom works. When we were leaving I thanked her for answering his questions and showing him answers. How cool is that!? I feel blessed that my boy is learning so much in a wonderful environment with teachers who truly care about him. That's what learning is all about!

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