Monday, January 23, 2012

Santiagos Silly Sayings

Once again I am going to type how Santi talks....

• Mommy me so proud of you. You've been such a dood dirl this year and me so proud of your cookin.
• My fave-rit toelor is boo. (my favorite color is blue)
• deen (green)
•When you cross the teet (street) you always need a O dut (adult)
• want to see my heiny Bo? (as he turns around and shakes his booty with his hands on his waist)
•mommy you are so tall you can reach everyting!
•safety fuhrst! (when putting his helmet on to ride his scooter or buckling his car seat)
•otay stop fuss-eeng!
•when me was a little boy me oosed to do...
•me wish we lived in a house that has tairs, you know those tings you go up and down on?

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