Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Festivities

 Each holiday that comes and goes is becoming more and more fun with Santiago around.  I can't wait until Gabriel enjoys everything as much as Santi does.  It makes my heart so full to see his excitement for everything.  Santiago had a cute little Valentine day party at MDO and made the little bag in the above picture to collect his valentines from his friends at school.  He LOVED taking each one out when he got home to show to me.  And yes he isn't wearing any pants.  My boy likes to shed them as soon as he gets in the door at home.  Thank goodness it's only at home! ha! He made this card for his Daddy and me at MDO and was so excited to give it to me when I picked him up.  He colored the outside and they put a cute picture of him in a firefighter uniform from when the fire department visited them at MDO.
On the 13th we hosted our Moms of Tots group at our house for another Valentine celebration.  Gillian and her son Reuben, Kristin and Hayden and Liz and Evan came over to decorate bags and exchange valentines.  We also ate yummy doughnuts and brownies, drank coffee and enjoyed some grownup conversation while the boys played in Santiago's playroom.
 The also had a blast playing with Santiago's train table in his bedroom.  Excuse my pictures - I think the lens was dirty because they all came out blurry in the same places!
 We tried to get a picture of all the boys together on the couch but it was REALLY difficult to get them all to sit still and look at the camera! That's to be expected with two and three year olds though!
 Gabriel had a grand time watching the big boys and loved sitting in his brother's lap for the picture! You can see him trying to turn around and grab his brother!

 This last picture is a canvas that I made for Hector as a Valentine gift.  I found the idea on Pinterest! It has Gabriel and Santiago's handprints with their age written on top.  I'm going to hang this in the boys bathroom because the colors match perfectly!  Santiago and I also made some other handprint and footprint pictures for gifts.  He had a blast with the paint!

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