Tuesday, March 13, 2012

7 Months Old - Gabriel

 Well I am very late posting about everything Gabriel is doing at seven months because life has been pretty busy lately.  I actually took his monthly pictures on February 25th, which was only one week late but here we are now and it's March and he will be 8 months soon!  Crazy!  I keep track of his milestones on my Iphone but I just haven't gotten the chance to blog.  

Here's what he is up to at 7 months old:
• wears size 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers
• weighs 22 lbs 12 ounces at 7.5 months (I know this because he had to go to the doctor a couple days ago and he has his first ear infection in his right ear and fluid built up in his left)
 has 4 teeth - top and bottom two
• loves to sit up to play
• loves to shake things that rattle and hit things repeatedly with his hands
• grasps everything and pulls them into his mouth
• gives open mouth kisses
  sucks on my shoulder
• bites and thinks its funny
• laughs hard at his brother
• LOVES bath time - his whole body squirms as you get the water ready
• scoots on his heiney-Bo (as we call it)  in a full circle.  He pivots!
• leans forward while sitting and reaches for things and then sits back up
• squeals in delight
 eats 3 solid meals a day and 1-2 snacks
• nurses 4 times a day 7:30, 11:30, 3:30, 7:30 sometimes that varies by 30 minutes and sometimes he adds a fifth feeding at 4:30 or 5 am!
• loves to bounce in the exersaucer and doorway bouncer.  The exersaucer is very loud!
 • wants to see me wherever I am in the house.  He doesn't really like to be left playing in a room unless he can see you.  Sometimes this makes it hard to run to the bathroom or put laundry in!
• Gabriel's hair is beginning to fill in on the sides.  Thank goodness!  It's beginning to look a little lighter to me as well.
Gabriel likes to chew on everything! I'm sure he will add many teeth marks to the crib  just like his brother did.
 • his eyes are brown but not as dark as his daddy's or Santiago's
• overall just a very happy baby who loves people 
I just had to capture this face crying....

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