Wednesday, May 2, 2012

9 Months Old - Gabriel

Once again I am very late posting this monthly post but better late than never right?!?  Gabriel Michael is 9 (and a half) months old.  This last month has been extremely fun watching his personality blossom and seeing all the new things he has learned to do.  Boy have I had my hands full! He is so different than Santiago in so many ways and I love how that about them.  They have similarities as well but I think overall they have very different personalities!

 I dressed Gabriel in the same outfit that I took Santiago's 9 month pictures in and it just so happens to be a hand me down from my big brother.  Travis also wore this cute overall when he was a baby!

Here's what Gabriel is up to lately:
  • Weighs 24 lbs 10 oz and is 30.5 inches tall.  95% for both height and weight and 85% for head circumference.
  • Wears mostly 18 month clothes - some 12 months fit if they are 2 pieces.
  • Wears size 4 diapers and size 4-5 shoe.
  • Drinks about 24 ounces of formula a daily - 3 bottles at 9 am, 3-4 pm, and 8 pm.
  • Eats 3 meals a day and 1-2 snacks.  G loves to eat!  He "mmm's" the whole time when he really likes it!
  • Doesn't want pureed baby food anymore.  He would rather eat what we are eating and feed himself.
  • Seems to be right handed.
  • Crawls everywhere speedy fast and gets into EVERYTHING! He crawls on his hands and one foot and sort of drags the other leg with the knee down.  He can move! 
  • Wants to touch, pull down, get out all the lower cabinet stuff in the kitchen and decorations throughout the house.  Definitely have to baby proof the house for Gabriel - we never really did more than cover outlets with Santiago!
  • Loves his brother and will laugh hysterically at anything Santiago does or says.  It really makes my heart happy watching them together and hearing all the happiness they share!
  • Says - dada, nana, lala and an occasional mama.
  • Points at things and grunts at them when he wants you to tell him what it is or look at it or give to him.
  • Pulls up to stand around anything he can - the living room ottoman and couches, my legs, the train  table, you name it, he stands up and walks around it! Like I said - he's a mover! (Santiago was only scooting at this age, he wasn't crawling and he was barely cruising furniture) 
  • Plays with Roxie by sticking her toys in her face.  He will play tug of war with her and he chases her around the house.  He also loves to pull her tail!
  • Tries to feed you by putting something close to your mouth.
  • SMILES so big.  He gets compliments on his big smile wherever we go and this really melts my heart as well.
  • Chipped his two front teeth - the left one more than the right.  Not sure how this happens but I imagine it happened when he was learning crawl - he feel face first into the tile a few times. Poor baby.
 The next few pictures you can see how much the two brothers adore eachother! Of course Santi had to join in the picture fun - excuse his attire - he hadn't gotten dressed yet for the day!!

Gabriel standing 9 months old

And just for fun - here's comparison pictures!

Santiago standing at 9 months old

Gabriel 9 months old
Santiago 9 months old

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