Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Story to Remember

Earlier today I went to change Gabriel's diaper and I left Santiago in the kitchen getting ready to feed his fish. When I was finishing up with Gabriel, I heard Santiago calling for help and crying. I rushed to the kitchen and found Santiago sitting on the barstool crying and pointing. I looked at what he was pointing to and saw Derby the Beta Fish out of his bowl lying still on the countertop! I quickly sat Gabriel on the floor and picked up Derby and told Santi it was going to be ok not knowing if this was really our first catastrophe. Luckily Derby was ok when I returned him to his bowl! Thank goodness! When I got Santiago calmed down and asked him why he took him out of the bowl he told me that Mouse, Santiago's imaginary friend, wanted to touch Derby so Santi took him out!

This is just one of the funny adventures of Mouse and Santiago! I need to write them all down to remember :)

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