Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gabriel's Baptism Day

Today was a very special day for our family. Gabriel Michael was baptized at Christ the Good Shepherd Catholic Church. It was such a blessing to have our family with us today as we welcomed Gabriel into the Church. Allison and Tim are Gabriel's godparents and I feel very blessed that they accepted this honor. It was wonderful to have our immediate families here for the ceremony. My parents and Hector's parents were here along with Alli, Tim, Blake, Easton, Travis and Bianca. Gabriel was baptized along with 7 other babies/kids.

Gabriel wore my grandpa's baptism gown that we believe is probably 100 years old. It's been worn by 4 generations (at least). My mom's dad wore it, then my mom and her siblings wore it, My siblings and cousins wore it and now Santiago and Gabriel also were baptized in it. Very special to me!

Baptism took place at Gabriel's nap time so it was a little difficult for him. He was a bit fussy for parts of it and finally fell asleep during the closing prayer of the ceremony.

Travis took a lot of pictures of the ceremony so I will probably add more in later. The picture above is from before the baptism began.

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