Friday, June 1, 2012

Santiago's Silly Sayings

Santiago cracks me up all the time so maybe these will give you a little chuckle too:
• Where there's smoke....there's fire!
• You never let me (fill in the blank) in his best whiney voice.
He says this when we tell him it's time to come inside from playing, when we say you can have milk instead of juice, when we won't read one more story....you get the idea! Aren't we mean?!? Haha
• I'm not a lucky boy anymore....
This goes along with the above.
• I'm the lucky boy in the world! (whenever we say yes to something)
• Your the best mommy/daddy in the world! (melts our heart)
• just one more kissy mommy?
• I can't sleep because my brain is waking me up.
• I can't sleep because I'm thinking bout riding my tractor in the dark.
• mommy do they have a bathroom here?
• Dabriel is such a tootie little baby! (that's...Gabriel is such a cutie little baby)
• wow mommy Dabriel really knows how to sleep dood (good)
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