Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Last Few Days

Santiago got a new bike earlier this week and he was very excited! He earned this bike by staying in his bed every night after we did our bedtime routine. He had been coming out of his room anywhere from 2-5 times a night with every excuse under the moon for not being able to go to sleep. It became tiring on my end and a bad habit was forming. We needed something big for a reward and he really had outgrown his tricycle so a bike was perfect. He knows that he will lose his privileges to his bike if he regresses in the bedtime routine.

Santiago loves to help mop after I'm done mopping so I'll give him the mop and let him go look for any spots I missed. Of course, we have to do this when Gabriel is sleeping.

The other day the boys were playing nicely together in Santiago's room and all the sudden I heard " mergency mergency mommy come save Gabriel!". Thisis what I found when I came in the room!

I should have known this little monkey would climb on the train table....he climbs on everything!

Last night we had a beautiful perfect temperature evening and the boys and the neighborhood girls loved playing in the culdesac. I can't wait for fall so we can do this more often!

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