Wednesday, January 23, 2013

17 & 18 Months - Gabriel

It's been very hard to keep up with monthly milestone posts until age 2 with baby #2 and I'm sure #3 will be even harder. It doesn't mean I live one child more than the other by any means it simply means life is very busy! Gabriel Michael is truly one of a kind and I never want to remember the amazing things he is up to at each milestone. He has changed so much the last two months from baby to little boy!

Here's what he has been up to lately:
-weighs 30 lbs
-wears size 5 diaper p, size 2T clothes and size 7 shoe
-talks a lot! He will try to say any word you ask him to. Santiago loves to play teacher with him and ask him to say words for practice. He's starting to say more two syllable words and two word sentences
-loves to play with cars
-loves to knock over towers
-still sleeps with a pacifier and his blue blankie.
-has really started liking holding, cuddling, and sleeping with 3 stuffed animals. A blue dog my mom made him called pup pup, Elmo, and his brown "doggie" that nana and Dah gave him when he was born. When he wakes up and calls for us to get him out of his crib, he asks you to get each of them out as well.

- says "up" whenever he wants you to hold him
-the first word he says to me when he wakes up is "nack" which is his version of snack. This boy is always hungry!
- always hungry but has become a very picky eater with a sweet tooth
-wants to play with his brother ALL the time
-loves to wrestle and play rough
-doing very well going to Mother's Day Out. No more crying!
-wraps his arms around your neck tightly and says "hug". Melts my heart every time
-loves to hide and stays completely quiet until you find him. Sometimes makes my heart race because I don't know where he is!
-wants to be held a lot lately
-sleeps 12-13 hours at night
-takes ones long afternoon nap
-will answer "yes" and "no" to questions
-has a hard time staying in his high chair or booster seat throughout a meal. Restaurants are almost impossible right now.
-has a temper and can be very strong willed. He arches his back sometimes when I'm tying to out him in his carseat and I've had to use my body weight to get him buckled in!
-makes the best facial expressions for every emotion he shows. He makes us laugh with his faces!
-loves people and being around other kids
-plays hard and then sleeps well!
-smacks his lips together at you when he wants a kiss

Gabriel is a happy happy boy who smiles with his whole face. He gets tons of compliments on his smile and happy temperament. We love you sweetheart!
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