Tuesday, February 26, 2013

19 Months - Gabriel

Gabriel Michael is nineteen months old. He seems more like a little boy now than a baby and he just melts my heart every day. We are so blessed by our two wonderful boys. Here's what he has been up to lately:

-wears 2T clothes, size 5 diaper and size 7 shoe.
-talks up a storm! He can say alot of words and is starting to say two word phrases. He can name probably 80 pictures in a book titled My First 100 Words
-loves to repeat words that Santiago asks him to say
-gets super excited when you ask him a question and his response is YES! He will jump up and down saying yes over and over again and/or clap his hands
-loves to hold hands as we say Grace before eating and then claps and says Yay when the prayer is complete
-loves bath time and will repeat "bath" over and over until you take him there
-wants to go "teetee" so badly like his brother and will stand over his Elmo potty and wait for something to happen but he just doesn't have control over it yet. I figure it doesn't hurt to let him try. Sometimes in the bath he will stand up and start to go and when no more comes out he looks down demanding "more"
-can tell me when his diaper is dirty and sometimes tells me "poopoo" when he is about to go or just finished.
-asks constantly for a "nack" (snack) and will take me by the hand to the fridge or pantry and tell me what he wants
-says "no" all the time
-loves to play anything and everything with his brother.
-screams "truck" when he sees 18 wheelers and other big trucks while we are out and about. Santi loved tractors and would scream when seeing tractors.
-not afraid of anything on playgrounds
-big time cuddler.
-gives tight hugs when asked and sometimes he requests them
-if you ask him for a kiss he leans in to you for you to kiss him.
-takes one good afternoon nap for about 3 hours. Sometimes still needs a morning nap but usually at the end of a busy week
-very difficult in restaurants. He doesn't want to sit down. He's just too busy.
-sneaky sneaky! He knows where candy is hidden and will steal it and hide to eat it whenever he gets a chance.
-loves to play hide and seek
-so easy to put to sleep at nap and bedtime. As long as he has his blue blankie, paci, Elmo, Woof (brown dog that Nana and Dah gave him when he was born that he named himself) and Pup Pup (blue stuffed dog Grandma made him). All you have to do is take him to his room and lay him down, cover him up and lay his animals around him, kiss him and walk out!
-enjoying MDO and doesn't cry when I leave him there but is thrilled to see me at 2:30

Gabriel is an all around happy boy with a sweet sweet personality. He is so different from his big brother but both wonderful in their own ways.

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