Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Santiago turned 4!

Santiago had a terrific birthday celebration with his family and friends. His rocket birthday party was on the Saturday before his birthday, then he had dinner with the Ornelas side of the family one night, and then a fun day at the zoo with the McLane side on his actual birthday followed by a lunch date with he three MDO teachers the Friday after. My boy is LOVED! He is wonderful and he deserved every bit of it! Here's some pictures from all the fun!

These are the only two pictures I took before his bday party began. Travis took many more during the party! My mom helped make these awesome rockets from a Twinkie cupcake pan. Each kid who attended got to decorate and then eat their very own rocket! It was messy and fun!

Santiago woke up the morning of his birthday with red string confetti all over his floor. He was very excited to start his special day like this!

He ate a chocolate chip pancake shaped like the number four for breakfast.

The boys got to pop up like groundhogs at the zoo!

He got a baseball mitt and new UT hat as gifts as well as too many other lovely things from his wonderful family.

And here's his amazing teachers who insisted on a lunch date at Chickfila. Ms. Andi, Ms. Donna and Ms. Niki are just wonderful. I love that they love Santiago and make him feel special as he learns and grows. I hope he always has teachers like he has been blessed with so far.

They brought him really cool dinosaur stuff and...

A cute Dino cake!

Someone else loved it too! Haha

They gave him a dinosaur egg that will hatch in water.

Five days later we had a baby dinosaur!

More pictures later of my four year old boy! I can hardly believe he is
F O U R!

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  1. Looks like fun but I can’t believe our kiddos are turning 4!! That is entirely too close to kinder and makes me want to cry!