Friday, March 1, 2013

4 Year and 18 Month Well Check

On Wednesday this week, I took both boys for their well checks a month late. We've been dealing with allergy congestion, drainage and coughing for over a month so i waited until they were both better. Thank goodness Nana came along to help out because the paperwork was outrageously long and I knew both boys were getting shots and would be hard to juggle them both on my own. I'm so thankful you joined me! Thanks Linda!!

Santiago's stats for 4 years old:
43" tall - 95%
43.4 lbs - 95%
Passed hearing and vision screening

Gabriel's 18 months stats:
35" tall - 95%
29.85 lbs - 85%
19 in head circumference - 55-60%

Gabriel is two pounds lighter than Santiago at this age and an inch taller! We have two healthy tall boys! We are blessed!

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