Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Twenty and Twenty One Months - Gabriel

On March 18th, Gabriel turned 20 months old. He's really becoming more like a little boy and less like a baby. I guess that's a good thing because his little sister will be here in about 8-9 weeks! Crazy to think about all that but it's been the biggest joy of my life to watch my babies grow. Here's what Mr. G is up to lately:
-weighs around 30 pounds and is about 35" tall.
-wears mostly 2T but sleeps in 3T jammies. Wears a size 5 diaper and a size 8 shoe.
-has been cutting his two year molars for a few weeks now. He has one bottom one in fully and I'm not sure which ones are next but you can tell he's teething. Hands are in his mouth alot and his sleeping patterns at night are not up to par.
-been a little clingy and wants me to hold him alot. He says "up" with his hand held high or jumps up and down in front of me saying "up momma up"
-loves me to sing I him and asks for "more momma"- this melts my heart because if you've ever heard me sing - its not music to your ears!
-will scream "tiss" at me when I'm walking out if his room at night when he wants another kiss.
-rambles or sings to himself. We have no idea what he is saying when he does thus but he will laugh if he catches you watching him do it.
-talks alot. Says many single words and small phrases. Santiago can get him to say almost anything.
-plays really well with Santiago and other kids. Santi and him have really begun to go off alone at home to play with dinosaurs, trucks, tools or other things.
-likes to write/color and can hold his pencil or crayon correctly.
-loves to give Eskimo kisses and regular kisses and makes the smacking noise when he kisses now.
-gets shy around people and hides behind me or buries his face in my neck until he warms up which doesn't take long
-says "ank you" and "anks" whenever you help him do something.
-asks for a "nack" (snack) about every 10 minutes.

21 Months - April 18th
I just opened the blog app and noticed that the 20 month post was still sitting here unpublished so I'm adding the next month after. Life is busy! Especially with this little man in our life. I can't imagine it without my two boys :)

Here's what Gabriel has learned this last month :
• more vocal (if that's possible) he loves to talk and sometimes just babbles on and on and we don't have a clue of who he is talking to or what he is saying
•has great manners - lets hope they stick around - he constantly says "pease and dank you"
•says "more pease", "milk pease", "momma more milks pease"
•speaks in 2- 3 word phrases most of the time now
•wants me to hold him all the time so I hear "up pease mommy" a lot!
•still loves his paci and blankie
•wakes up between 4-5:30 and calls me in his room and when I get there he points at the door and says "mommas bed pease" "go!"
•plays really well with his brother
•loves to spin in circles and jump up and down
•will yell at me to "watch momma"
•calls me momma and mommy
•loves to cuddle
•will throw a fit by laying on the floor on his stomach and cry
-loves to hug, cuddle and kiss
-doing better in restaurants and church
-Gets super excited when daddy comes home from work
-loves to play with water and water plants
- knows Sophia is in my tummy and lays his head on my belly
- sometimes tells me he has a baby in his tummy too
- loves to show you his belly button but sometimes calls it his "menis" aka penis!
-very interested in the potty and has gone #1 a few times in his potty

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