Saturday, May 18, 2013

Twenty Two Months - Gabriel

22 months. The entire pregnancy I have been constantly thinking about this age. I was a little worried that my baby Gabriel would have a hard time adjusting to be arrival of his sister but boy was I wrong. He has adjusted wonderfully and I had nothing to worry about. He's no longer a baby - he's a little boy! It literally happened in the two days I was in the hospital having the baby! I came home and suddenly he weighs a ton of bricks and is so much more independent. Love him!

Here's what he is up lately:
• weighs about 33 lbs
•wears size 2T-3T clothes, size 8 shoe, size 5 diaper
• loves attention
• quite the character. He has a funny sense of humor. He makes us laugh constantly by his actions. Santiago is funny with what he says and Gabriel just does silly things!
• repeats everything Santi says / we call him Pete Repeat
• calls Bianca "blah bluh blah"
• sings along with songs like Twinkle Twinkle, itsy bitsy Spider and Captain Curly Head
•never complains when it's time to go to bed. He will even ask for "night night" sometimes
•loves to play outside
•plays independently a lot. He will disappear into the play room and just have fun. he gets out toys and playdoh by himself, builds towers with blocks, fixes things with tools, etc
•love his paci and blankie still. We've been taking about throwing it away but then he will just say "baby paci" or "Phia paci?" And go get his sisters! Stinker!!
• has a real big sweet tooth
• loves to cuddle with me
•doesn't like his daddy to hug, kiss or cuddle with me
•will shake his finger and say "no no no"
•every once in awhile throws a whole body on the floor kicking and screaming fit
•loves to clean up
•loves to race - it's how I get him to do things for me like put his shoes away, meet in his room for a diaper change, etc
•tries to use the potty occasionally. I don't have his full interest yet so I'm not forcing it
•ended the school year loving it. He even hugged his sweet teachers goodbye on the last day.
•drives the John deer tractor pretty well
•runs around and plays with the big kids in the culdesac
•loves to wear socks and shoes. He even asks for socks to sleep in at night

•Adores his baby sister!!! asks to "hold her" all the time whole holding his arms out, says she's "doot" aka cute, loves to give her kisses

I wish I could think of every new thing but this will have to do for this month!!

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