Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day Dinner part 1

My parents came to town today (yay!!) and were able to join the Ornelas crew for an early dinner for Father's Day at Landry's seafood on the waterway in the woodlands. We had a great dinner and a fun ride on the waterway boats after.

The boys started having fun right from the start being swung in the parking lot on the way into the restaurant.

Sophia was passed around the table and made it to her Uncle Matt's arms for the first time.

Here's the two sides of our table. Santiago was out of his seat visiting Bianca and Sophia and I were at the head of the table looking down at everyone :)

After dinner, we road the boats on the waterway.

The boys loved it!

After it was all over, the boys chased some ducks with Bianca and Matt and ended up resting on the concrete because they were tired!!

The boys didn't get into bed until 9:45 but they both stayed surprisingly happy the whole time!! They did great on our first dinner out in a long time since Sophia came into our world!

Fun night and great Father's Day celebration to the dads we love!

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