Friday, June 7, 2013

Sophia Elizabeth - 1 Month

My sweet Sophia is one month old. Her Daddy and I still look at her and can hardly believe she is here. She is so tiny compared to the boys and just perfect. We all are so in love :)

Here's your monthly report:
•finally fitting in size newborn clothing without it looking like it swallows her
•wears size NB diaper
•only likes her bottom half swaddled now - started fighting the whole body swaddle about two weeks ago
•nurses about every 3-4 hours

•hard to burp
•has given me a couple 4-5 hour stretches of sleep in the night
•having longer wake periods during the day
•cluster feeds in the evenings
•can turn head side to side in the bed and hold her head up for a few seconds when holding her
•wiggles and kicks when she is laying on a blanket (your brothers think this is funny)
•Gabriel calls you "Phia" and Santiago announces your arrival to places by saying "presenting Sophia Elizabeth!"

•your brothers love to hold you, look into your eyes, and help change your diaper and bathe you
•bath time is hit or miss - Sometimes Sophia likes it, sometimes she screams the whole time

Every month I'm going to take Sophia's picture next to this pink piggy lovey and we can watch her grow!

Sophia Elizabeth we love you so! I'm so excited to have a little girl in my life and I know you will always be well taken care of by your brothers as you grow. We can't wait to see your personality unfold and to see who you will become.

Hector and I feel very blessed by our two amazing boys and precious girl!

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