Monday, July 8, 2013

July 4th Weekend

We had a very great time over the 4th of July weekend at the lake. The car ride there and back wasn't too eventful although we learned not to give the boys marshmallows for a snack in the car....haha they went crazy!

We did a lot of swimming, eating, and relaxing.

The boys were very excited to see their cousins and Blake was super excited to meet Sophia. She came up to me numerous times just to ask if she could touch Sophia. She was super sweet with her.

GG Pebble also came to visit at the lake and I was thrilled to see her and see my kids get to love on her. Xoxo

Sophia started flashing her first bi smiles while we were at the lake also. Here is my little bathing beauty.

The boys went on boat rides and Santiago rode on the tube behind the boat with Blake and all by himself for the first time. Poppa thinks he will be buying tons of gas for the boat in the near future to keep the boys happy and having fun at the lake!

We actually got some pictures o all 5 kids together. It took a lot of goofing around to get them all looking and smiling in the right direction but it was definitely worth it!

We had a super time at the lake as always but we all felt like this when the weekend was over!

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