Thursday, August 22, 2013

Funny Moments

My boys have been making me laugh a lot lately. I don't want to forget these stories and I hope they will make you laugh too!

-Santiago and I were sitting on the couch together as he decided to get up. As he was getting up, he elbowed me really hard in the chest. I quickly said without thinking "ouch you almost knocked my boob off!" Santiago started laughing really hard which in turn made me laugh. When we both caught out breath, he said " I don't know what a boob is but that's a funny word!" We laughed again really hard.

- Gabriel was taking a nap so I was reading a book to Santi while Sophia was laying on my lap. Something in the story we were reading led me to ask Santiago if he knew what little girls were made of. When he replied "no," I told him "sugar and spice and everything nice." He sat there with the most serious look on his face and I knew he was really thinking. I thought he was about to ask me if I was joking but instead he leaned down and licked Sophia across her cheek! Big huge full wet lick! I almost peed in my pants I was laughing so hard. He then looked at me and said, " she doesn't taste like sugar or spicey stuff!" HAHA!!

-Gabriel has been carrying this doll around our house lately. It was one of my dolls when I was little. Here he is feeding "his baby" and the doll has no clothes on! He's so proud of himself!

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