Sunday, November 17, 2013


My sweet girl got her ears pierced today. Hector and I have been wanting to do it for awhile now. He even had her some special diamond earrings made. They are beautiful and I know her daddy will continue to spoil her with whatever she wants in the future. We took her earrings with us but they couldn't use them to pierce her ears. Whoops! They have special earrings that fit in their piercing guns and have to be worn for the first six weeks. After six weeks is up, we can put her beauties in.

Sophia did great and was all smiles while they were marking where the holes would go...

I was getting more and more nervous as they were getting her ready. It doesn't bother me when the kids have to get shots because I know it will be over quickly.
This was different for me and as she sat their happily my heart was racing...

And when they did it, she screamed and I teared up! Luckily they did both ears at the same time and when I turned Sophia around and held her against me, she immediately stopped crying. She was back to smiling in less than a minute. Phew!

She was her happy self the rest of the day and even prettier :)

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  1. I was searching for my GF's blog and came across yours. Read you post about having your darling daughter's ears pierced. I think you’re a smart and thoughtful mommy for getting your dd’s her ears pierced as an infant. She will thank you later for the “gift of pierced ears.”

    I am in favor of infant ear piercing and absolutely swoon over tiny baby girls with those little diamond studs in their earlobes. Not only do I think it is Adorable with a capital A, it also helps little baby girls like my Sandi say, "I am a girl!!" before they can talk. I had a similar difficult experience in deciding when to have my
    dd's ears pierced too. I was a bit nervous, but changed my mind after seeing so many babies and little girls with cute earrings.

    Still unsure, I asked our ped encouraged me to have our daughter's ears pierced when mommy could care for them and allow them to heal properly. She gave me some ” Tips for moms having their dd’s ears pierced and ” Tips for moms having their daughter's ears pierced” since she had so many moms ask about having their infants and little girls ears pierced.

    If any other moms are unsure or need some research, then write me an e-mail. They include OTC meds to minimize any discomfort as well as how to find the most experienced person to pierce her ears.

    Promise, she'll look adorable in her upcoming holiday pictures.