Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sophia Elizabeth - 9 months

Sophia has changed and grown so much this last month it is just incredible! We love her so much! Check out what she can do at nine months old!

-Weighs 21 lbs 11 oz (90%), 29.5" tall (95%) and head is (75%)
-pulling up and standing whenever she can
-babbles mama, dada, baba,
-shakes her head back and forth to say "no" whenever she is finished eating or when you ask her something she doesn't want/like
-very attached to me.
-cries if she can't see me in the room
-turns away from you if she doesn't want you to hold her
-reaches for you to hold her
-sleeps through the night most of the time now (9 PM - 5/6 am) nurses and goes back to sleep until 7:30/8
-laughs a lot
-cries in the car if we have a lot of outings in one day
-loves all kinds of food and prefers to feed herself.
-thinks her brothers are hilarious
-hair is growing longer but still is wavy and uneven

Sophia is a very happy baby. Everyone always mentions how much she smiles and how good she is. We are very blessed to have her and it's getting more and more fun to dress her up with everything girly! I wonder if she will like dresses and bows as she grows?!?

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