Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sophia Elizabeth - 10 Months

This last month totally got away from me. Everyone asks how old Sophia is when I see them and on March 1st I answered someone and realized that I told them wrong....she is 10 months old!!! Geez time is flying!!

Sophia has learned a lot this last month. Here's what she is up to:

- wears some 12 month clothes and a lot of 18 months
- sleeps through the night most nights
- has 6 teeth - 3 on top and 3 on bottom
- hair is really filling in and growing longer. It's curly on humid days and straight when it's not
-crawls everyone fast! You can hear her little hands slapping on the tile when she is coming

-copies sounds you make
-babbles mama, dada, nanana,
-squeals when she is happy
-clucks her tongue
-pulls up and cruises
-holds on to your fingers and walks
-gives me a hug and grunts in return to me squeezing her and saying give me a hug
-laughs in a deep voice

-Won't take a bottle
- eats everything - loves barbacoa, sweet potato, chicken, chickfila, carrots, avocado
-nurses 3-4 times a day

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